Staff Appreciation


  • We appreciate every hour you spend away from your own families to work for our kids. We appreciate all the days you stay late, or come in early, and all the nights you miss your favorite shows because you’re grading homework.
  • We appreciate every hour you spend in meetings, planning and discussing and preparing and assessing. We appreciate your expertise and the education and training that makes you singularly qualified to do what you do.
  • We appreciate your willingness to put up with all of our questions, concerns, emails, calls, and your amazing ability to deal with every parent.
  • We appreciate every hour you spend making sure our kids make sense of lessons.
  • We appreciate every cup of morning coffee you miss, every bathroom break you don’t get, every rushed step you take to meet the demands of your days.
  • We appreciate the care you take to make sure our kids know their value is more than a test score. We appreciate every tear you spare them by not heaping pressure on them, even while you have to worry about how those scores might affect your own evaluations.
  • We appreciate the time you take to talk to our kids, and get to know them – in the cafeteria, on the playground, at the drinking fountain, in the specials classes, at the office.
  • We appreciate the sense of family and community this creates for our own kids, and especially those who may not have those connections outside of school.
  • We appreciate the personality, the joy, and the love you bring into the school.
  • We appreciate the example you set for our children of the value of education, of being safe, respectful, and responsible. These lessons are sinking in. We see it at home every day.

     Thank you! For every single thing you do.

Because our CCE teachers and staff works so hard for us and our children, we have several events planned throughout the year for them.